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Trainee Train Planner Programme

The GTR Trainee Train Planner scheme is an industry leading programme, designed to give people who are new to train planning the relevant skills to build a successful career. After learning the key documentation, systems and processes that are required for the role Trainee Train Planners can look to progress to a range of role with the train planning team. We recruit around two trainees each month, so there are plenty of opportunities to apply.

Zubin Motashaw

“In my role, I have been supporting the engineering planning team within the train planning unit on various tasks, including arranging rail replacement, creating amended train service specifications and agreeing late notice engineering work on the network. I also played a role in some major engineering work projects on the GTR network, such as the East Coast Upgrade Project. Whilst it can get very busy at times, I have loved my role and enjoy the challenges it brings. No day is ever the same! Everyone in GTR is also very friendly and approachable and I get along well with my colleagues. I have learnt a lot about the industry throughout my time here, particularly how a train operating company the size of GTR plans and maintains its train services and how we react to any changes that are planned.”

Zubin Motashaw, Train Planning Placement

Thomas Flower

“My year as a placement at GTR within the Train Planning department has been great. Without doubt, I’ve appreciated the amount of independent work that I’ve been entrusted with and I think it speaks volumes of the company when they have all members of a team (including placements) contributing with important tasks. It’s been interesting to see how Train Planning have had to react over the last year to multiple lockdowns, easing of restrictions and changing of Covid-19 government guidance. So, it’s great to have had a year of working with a team whose importance within the rail industry has really shone through.”

Thomas Flower, Train Planning Placement

Joseph Speak

“For the past 12 months, I have been working in the Train Planning department, completing a wide variety of tasks including investigating delays on behalf of the team, creating codes for the stopping patterns of our services and even getting the opportunity to lead meetings discussing how special events will affect our network. Throughout my time at GTR, I have always felt welcomed and supported by both managers and other fellow colleagues alike and I have fortunate enough to be offered the opportunity to continue working part time with the team alongside my final year studies at Loughborough University.”

Joseph Speak, Train Planning Placement

Joseph Savage

“I love my role in train planning. I’m on a placement from uni and I’ve been with GTR for nearly a year. It’s a great opportunity to learn all aspects of the job while I study for my degree in business logistics and transport management. I work on planning timetables, announcements, engineering work and traincrew rotas. The team plans all functionalities to run a train service and that includes making sure the trains are where they need to be with the correct number of carriages. It’s a different challenge every day and you’re always busy. I work alongside a lot of people with years of experience so I’m learning a lot from them.”

Joseph Savage, Trainee Train Planner

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