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As we continue to modernise our train services, infrastructure and working practices, we continue to seek out the leaders of tomorrow.

Apprentices provide a fresh perspective that every organisation needs to thrive, which is why many of our managers have started their careers with GTR via apprenticeship roles.

We continue to deliver high-quality apprenticeships that give colleagues the time to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours that will enhance their careers and we offer nationally-recognised qualifications for all of them.

Your experience of our recruitment process is really important to us. We try to tailor each recruitment process to the role we are recruiting for and use a number of selections methods to help us recruit the best person for each role but also to give you insight as to what the role might be like.

For more details, please visit our recruitment page.

business admin

Business Administration

Perfect for a wide range of office environments, the business administration apprenticeship allows the apprentice to gain a highly transferable set of knowledge, skills and behaviours including strong communication skills, time management and problem solving. This apprenticeship can be applied to teams from all areas of the business and successful completion of the 12-18-month programme will result in a Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship.



GTR’s 4-year Engineering apprenticeship balances college learning with work placements at GTR depots to allow for an excellent blended approach to learning. Successful completion of this apprenticeship will result in a level 3 Rail Engineering Technician qualification and a huge wealth of knowledge regarding different types of trains, faults and GTR depots. Once completed, there are plenty of other options for you in Engineering which means progression is easily found.

customer services

Customer Services

GTR are proud to offer both the level 2 Customer Services Practitioner and level 3 Customer Services Specialist apprenticeships to give apprentices a clear path of progression. Suitable for several roles including gate line, dispatch and ticket office, these apprenticeships focus on providing the highest quality service to our passengers while also learning about the company over the 12-18-month programmes.

train driver

Train Driver

The 18-month Train Driver programme teaches the rules, regulations and procedures needed to operate trains safely and punctually, while also giving apprentices necessary train driving experience. Successful completion of the Train Driver apprenticeship results in a train driving license, a level 3 train driver qualification and a guaranteed train driver position.

team leader

Team Leader & Management

Starting at level 3 and working all the way up to level 7, GTR’s Team Leader and Management apprenticeships are perfect for those in management roles looking to learn theoretical techniques to help manage people, or those who are looking to progress into management as part of a developmental plan. These programmes start at 12-18 months in duration but increases as the levels do.

Meet the Apprentice: Harriet, Team Administrator


When I saw that GTR was advertising places for its apprenticeship scheme I looked into it straight away because I thought it was a great opportunity to learn whilst getting real-life experience in a 9-5 job. I applied for a level three business administration apprenticeship and was thrilled to find out I had a place on the course! I was so excited that I didn’t even mind it was based 250 miles away from where I lived.

I finished my apprenticeship this February – they usually take around 12-18 months to complete – and was thrilled to be offered a permanent position at the end of it.

I’m officially now working for the Talent, Diversity & Inclusion team and I absolutely love it. They’re involved in delivering training programmes to employees that assist them in all aspects of working life. As a team administrator, it’s my job to coordinate the courses that we run, support my colleagues where needed and undertake the admin tasks that need doing for each course to run as smoothly as possible.

I’m a Yorkshire girl through-and-through, so although the move was daunting, the opportunity was too good to turn down or let distance stand in the way of.

Meet the Apprentice: George, Network Operations Apprentice


I always wanted to join the railway and when I saw GTR were looking for apprentices to join their operations team I jumped at it. I had applied for the same job a year before and didn't get it, but I really liked the company and tried again next year which resulted in me getting the job. As someone who was 17 at the time I was over the moon with getting the job as it showed the potential that managers saw in me.

The work environment can be very fast paced when in times of disruption but I enjoy the atmosphere in the workplace and get along with all my colleagues.

The biggest benefit is free or reduced travel, which I’ve definitely taken advantage of, travelling around the UK to football away games and visiting friends and family who aren't local to me. There’s also the benefit of discounted European travel after a year's service.

GTR has also provided resources to expand my railway knowledge and better my education. They did this by putting me on a level 3 apprenticeship course with the Institution of railway operators (IRO) and gave me the option to do additional courses such as Personal operations development (POD).

What excites me most about my future is that I have so many opportunities within the company. It's a company where I have a future and can progress in so many different ways.

I'd recommend this job to anyone wanting to join the railway or anyone who's young and is looking for a fantastic career path.

Ramla, Station Manager

Twinkle, Apprentice Engineer

What is an apprenticeship and is it for me?

Apprenticeships have gone through radical changes in the last few years and are now work-based training programmes, used to up-skill our current workforce and ensure new employees have the best possible start to their GTR careers. There is no age limit and many of our programmes do not have any entry requirements, there is nothing stopping you!

Why should I choose an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is the ideal way to learn a new role – not only do you benefit from great training, you also learn the day-to-day role, gaining experience that cannot be taught. A GTR apprenticeship offers a competitive salary, incredible rail-specific benefits and a real sense of achievement once you have completed your programme.

What is involved in an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are made up of knowledge, skills and behaviours needed that you will need to achieve or fulfil to complete the programme.

Functional Skills (maths, English and in some cases, ICT) are also a part of all apprenticeships. You may be exempt from Functional Skills depending on prior education but if not, GTR offers all the support needed therefore, Functional Skills should not be a barrier to an apprenticeship as this is a bonus opportunity to hone essential life skills.

Application Tips

Before you begin your application, take a moment to consider your strengths

  • What are the qualities you have that will make us want to hire you for this position? Whatever they may be, make sure they’re clearly demonstrated in your application.
  • What are the different roles you’ve done in the past?
  • What skills and knowledge have you gained as a result?
  • How could you apply those skills and knowledge at GTR and in this position?

When structuring you answer, one widely used technique is the STAR approach (more information can be found below).

Once you’ve completed your application, make sure you proof read it before submitting. Spelling errors and grammatical mistakes won’t look great on your application, especially if you’re applying for a job that requires attention to detail.

Try to attach a CV and Covering Letter, even if it’s not required. If done well, they’ll give your application a real boost and help you to stand out

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