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Our Head Office Staff play an important role in supporting our front-line staff.  From Doctors in our Occupational Health Department to Communications Experts, we hire head office staff from almost all backgrounds, industries, and fields of expertise.  We are dedicated to providing a great Employee Experience for our staff so that they have everything they need to provide a good Customer Experience.

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Safety Specialist, Thameslink

I never thought that I would ever work in the rail industry or stay in the same industry as long as I have. I came from Nigeria into the UK in 2011, to study for a master’s degree in Human Resource Management. I have spent 6 years now in the railway and still counting! In the summer of 2012, after completing my master’s degree, I was jobless, and searching for a role in HR, which was incredibly difficult with no work experience in the UK. A friend who worked part-time as a train presentation member in Luton spoke highly of the rail industry, as a reliable and friendly environment and that the perks she received for herself and her family were really attractive! She encouraged me to apply for a part-time role as a Customer Service Assistant and Train Dispatcher. Due to the disappointment from other applications, I reluctantly applied. I was shocked and excited at the same time when I got an email and letter inviting me for my assessment and interview, both of which I passed and was offered the role. Two years after, I was offered 6-month secondment role as a Recruitment Administrator in the HR department. After my secondment, I moved on to a new role in commercial training as a Vocational Learning Specialist where I got involved in training various courses for our frontline employees, as well as running safety training for Managers. Presently, I work in the Safety Department as a Safety Risk Specialist, GN & TL based at Kings Cross. My role as a Safety Risk Specialist (stations) looks closely at ensuring the safety our customers and staff whilst at the station and on the train. Not only do I to assess risk at stations, but I also suggest recommendations for improved safety and infrastructure. GTR has an amazing record for personal development, you can choose to pick up knowledge from any department if you’re willing to learn and progress.

This is Emmanuel's story.

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