Our Vision and Values

GTR is a partnership between two world-class transport operators – the Go-Ahead Group and Keolis. We are the UK’s largest train operating company, carrying out the UK’s largest-ever rail transformation project. With over 7000 staff, GTR delivers 19% of all passenger rail journeys in the UK; managing 239 stations and serving 341 million passenger journeys per year.

We’re investing heavily in the infrastructure and technology on our lines, so we can deliver more. More trains, more seats, more services, more routes, more station improvements, more platforms with WiFi and more information. Above all, we want to give our customers and our people more say – to help us create a better rail service for everyone.

Delivering a better railway together’.

A New Rail Way

GTR has created a new business strategy to deliver its aspirations for the franchise.
These are:

  • Define the industry standard in service delivery and customer experience
  • Build a sustainable high-performance organisation
  • Deliver on our commitments to our stakeholders

This will be achieved by:

  • Delivering 'brilliant basics' – doing what we do exceptionally well, day in, day out
  • Shifting perceptions – making our customers, colleagues and stakeholders vocal advocates and promoters of GTR
  • Building strong partnerships and relationships – developing true partnerships and strong relationships with all those we work with and for

We have identified core strengths and capabilities that guide our new organisational design and reflect the qualities we seek in those who join us on our journey.

Zero Harm - Because we care

Zero Harm is our company’s health and safety ambition. We believe that all safety related accidents and operational incidents are preventable, and we’ve set ourselves an ambitious goal of halving all incidents by 2021. Through the introduction of three caring principles: Caring for each other and our customers; Caring for the vulnerable; and Caring for ourselves, we are building a strong safety culture across GTR, a culture which encourages employees to take accountability for their safety and which will ultimately lead to zero harm for our workforce and for our customers.