Leadership Behaviours

Our four Leadership Behaviours are the drivers of high performance and set out clear expectations of how leadership is to be demonstrated across GTR by our colleagues and by those aspiring to be leaders.
The behaviours are:

We Inspire - We believe in trusting our people to do their best, building alliances with others and developing our people to be better than we are.

We Think - We believe in thinking broadly, strategically and analytically to effectively tackle the challenges and take advantage of new opportunities.

We Involve - We believe in building strong relationships with others and by working collaboratively to achieve success together.

We Deliver - We believe in getting this done with a 'can-do' attitude and creating an environment that always makes it easy for people to do the same, so that as we improve we also evolve.

These Leadership Behaviours will form the basis of all leadership development and leadership activity that we will do and offer to you as part of your personal and professional development, including:

  • Recruiting new leaders to our business
  • Performance management and recognition of our existing leaders
  • Developing leadership capability, and;
  • Identifying the next generation of leaders through succession management and talent activity