A cookie is a tiny file that is stored on your computer or browser when you visit certain web pages. This website uses cookies to enable you to browse our site and use its features (e.g. tracking items in your basket whilst making a booking, remembering you when you return to our site and informing us how many visitors we have to the site and what content is of most interest to you). This helps us to ensure our site is designed to make finding what you need as quick and easy as possible.

A list of all the cookies used on this website, by category, is set out in the table below.

Some of the cookies we use will be collecting personal information about the user of this website. This is because online identifiers (including IP addresses) are personal data.

Types of cookies

First-party cookies are set by the website that you are visiting.

Third-party cookies are set by a party other than the owner of the website you are visiting (i.e. a third party). Typically, third party cookies will be set by the organisations providing analytics services to the website owner (e.g. WebTrends and Google Analytics) or advertising network providers.

Session cookies are stored only during a browsing session and are removed from your device when the browser is closed.

Persistent cookies remain on your device even when the browser is closed. Persistent cookies enable a website to remember you on subsequent visits, speeding up or enhancing your experience of services or functions offered (e.g. by remembering preferences).

Disabling cookies

For more information on how to remove cookies or prevent cookies from being created on your particular browser, visit the Managing Cookies section of allaboutcookies.org (Note: this will open in a new window).

If you choose to entirely disable cookies through your browser settings, you will lose some functionality of this website.

Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies are essential for the operation of this website. Without these cookies, we wouldn’t be able to remember the products and services you intend to purchase as you go through the check-out process. These cookies are all “session cookies” on this website - they allow us to link your activity during a browser session. A browser session starts when you open the browser window and finishes when you close the browser window. Session cookies are created temporarily and once you close the browser, all session cookies are deleted. Session cookies will not be used to advertise products or services to you or remember your preferences or username beyond your current visit.

Name of cookie Domain Purpose of the cookie



This is a session cookie that stores a ID only and is removed once the browser is closed or the session has timed-out or the user logs out. This cookie is typically used sites developed and hosted using Microsoft .NET technology.



This is a session cookie that stores a ID only. It is used to prevent various session hijacking scenarios.

Targeting cookies

We also place internet tags in combination with cookies on different pages on this site and deploy these tags through a third party. We use this technology to measure visitor response to our site and the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns (e.g. whether a search engine was used to find our site, how many times a page is opened and which information is consulted). These cookies don’t collect personally identifiable information - all information these cookies collect is aggregated.

Targeting cookies are also used to link to services provided by third parties, such as 'Like' and 'Share' buttons for social networks like Facebook. The third party provides these services in return for recognising that you have visited our website. Cookies are also used by a third party tool (IBM Interact) to personalise some of the content you see on this website. Additional third-party cookies may also be dropped from time to time and these cookies may vary slightly from the list below, however all of the suppliers are approved media partners who adhere to industry best practice.

Name of cookie Domain Purpose of the cookie



Used to distinguish users.



Used to distinguish users.



Used to throttle request rate. If Google Analytics is deployed via Google Tag Manager, this cookie will be named _dc_gtm_property-id.



Contains a token that can be used to retrieve a Client ID from AMP Client ID service. Other possible values indicate opt-out, inflight request or an error retrieving a Client ID from AMP Client ID service.



Contains campaign related information for the user. If you have linked your Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts, Google Ads website conversion tags will read this cookie unless you opt-out. Learn more.

Further information about cookies

If you'd like to learn more about cookies in general and how to manage them, visitaboutcookies.org or allaboutcookies.org (these open in a new window). (Please note that we can't be responsible for the content of external websites including aboutcookies.org and/or allaboutcookies.org).